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Feb 23, 2017
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Hey everyone, I hope you and your families are all safe and well during this challenging time. It has certainly taken some getting used to and I truly hope you're finding a number of ways to keep active.

Here we've begun to implement a plan that is over ten years in the making and stems from a previous community I started in January of 1998 up until about the end of 2005, early 2006. While that community was directed towards a niche market, the goal here is to make it all inclusive. To provide a different type of community experience than what you can find on services like Facebook (and different connections than those services bring), along with a place for our original communities alumni to reconnect, an environment that promotes creative expression, engagement and - of course - our game servers.

While you won't notice any major changes immediately, don't be shocked as you see names change, services reorganized and images be updated to reflect our new direction. It really is an exciting time for me and I hope it will end up making the community more engaging for members.

In this unprecedented time, I firmly believe that we could all use deeper connections, environments to share and express ourselves and have fun while doing it. I hope you will be along for the ride!

Stay safe and stay well!



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