Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Reporting

  • 👋🏼Farewell Our Friends

    It is with heavy heart that we bring this chapter in our goals to create a vibrant gaming community to a close. We appreciate each and everyone of you, thanking you for your continued support during the last eight years.

    We hope to see you again one day. Until then stay safe, stay well, be happy and kind to one another. Thank you!

    * The TitanX website will stay online until after the first of the year however new registrations have been turned off.


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Our goal is to ensure that each of our members has an enjoyable experience. This means one that is free from harassment, biased, prejudice or other toxic behaviors which degrade the quality of time spent within our games, sites or services. This includes ensuring that each member has a voice to report players or TitanX team members they feel may be violating the rules; as well as having the right to appeal any bans or actions taken against their accounts.

Throughout the site within our Terms Of Service, Code of Conduct and on our Chat page you can find the rules, expectations and general policies designed to ensure that we are creating an enjoyable gaming community. These can be found under User Guides towards the bottom of your browser as seen in the image below:


We need each member to adhere to these and to help guide our growth. You will find we often reach out through polls, forum messages and Discord to keep our finger on the pulse of what the community wants to see next or where we can improve. So be sure to share your voice, it's your chance to help make TitanX Games better for everyone!

I know that gaming is becoming a Discord world, but we deeply encourage that players actively engage the website as members. The connection of your Steam and Discord accounts is a requirement to play in our servers. You can click the hyperlink to do so now or copy and paste:

To ensure we meet our expectations of offering a great gaming community, the following is a summation of our rules and how you can report or appeal.

Ban Appeals, Player or Team Member Reporting:
(These methods are subject to change.)

Rust Players -> Please utilize the Rust Support forum to submit your appeal or report.

For all other games/servers, services or non-game related concerns please email

Live Support is provided, as available, through the website for technical support and member services matters for non-appeal or reporting purposes.


Rules & Expectations:

  • Be respectful. No personal attacks.
  • Offensive, Vulgar or Pornographic Content. You won’t post it.
  • Profanity. Don’t direct it at another user.
  • Ethnic Slurs, Bigotry, Homophobic, Transphobic, Misogynistic. Don’t post any such content.
  • Intellectual Property. You won’t post someone else’s intellectual property as your own.
  • Cross-Posting. Don’t post the same post in more than one location.
  • Proper Category. Post in the correct category.
  • Recruitment/Solicitation. You won’t recruit or solicit users.
  • Relevant Content: Stay on-topic in threads.
  • Political Baiting. Be respectful.
  • Spamming. Don’t spam.
  • Video links/embeds. Describe what you link to. Don’t just post it.
  • Affiliate links. Don’t include them in your post.
  • Hotlinking. You won’t do it unless the moderator approves.
  • Warez. Don’t post or link to it.
Expectations of Behavior:

  • Be nice. Don’t be rude. Be mindful of others.
  • Do not argue with a TitanX Games team member. If you have an issue relating to any member of the TitanX Games team you are to use your available channels for resolution. Only when you have exhausted all available options and you are still unsatisfied with the result then you are welcome to email directly. Keep in mind that, in most all cases, Chernabog is already involved in member disputes.
  • Again, you will not engage in arguments or disrespectful behavior towards any TitanX Games team member.
  • Identity Spoofing. Be yourself and not someone else. Only use your account.
  • Haxor: No hacking of site, game servers or other services.
  • Trolling & Cyberstalking. You won’t do it.
  • Multiple Accounts. Don’t open multiple accounts without Administrative approval.
  • Forum Gangs. You won’t start or participate in one.
  • Illicit or Illegal Activity. Not allowed here.
  • Do not publicly post or otherwise share PM/DMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. They are called private for a reason.
  • Private Messages. You won’t spam users and you acknowledge no expectation of privacy exists through the site public or private messaging services.
  • Server Wars. Don’t engage in them.
  • Obstructing Posts. Keep it to a minimum. Voice your opinion respectfully.
  • Do not post personal identifiable information of yourself or another.
  • Advertising is not allowed. Don’t post advertising or marketing messages, even for non-profits. You may visit the Ad Portal to review allowed advertising opportunities.
As with all communities these expectations and rules are regularly fine tuned and updated to ensure we are meeting the needs of our members and staying within our mission and guidelines. Thank you and enjoy your time with us -- there are more servers on the way!


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