• 👋🏼Farewell Our Friends

    It is with heavy heart that we bring this chapter in our goals to create a vibrant gaming community to a close. We appreciate each and everyone of you, thanking you for your continued support during the last eight years.

    We hope to see you again one day. Until then stay safe, stay well, be happy and kind to one another. Thank you!

    * The TitanX website will stay online until after the first of the year however new registrations have been turned off.
  1. Chernabog

    UO Razor 2018-04-03

    This addon provides enhanced client functions. Please see the additional information link for full documentation. ** This add on is not required to play Ultima Genesis **
  2. Chernabog

    UOSteam 2018-04-03

    UOSteam is an updated, Ultima Online game assistant similar to the original UORazor client and essentially the same as the AssistUO client. It is not a new project, but since the original developers are no longer supporting this software, this site will now become the archive for all of the...
  3. Chernabog

    EasyUO 2018-04-03

    EasyUO is a third party add on to extend functionality of the Ultima Online client. Please refer to the additional information link for further information on the use of EasyUO. ** This add on is not required to play Ultima Genesis **
  4. Chernabog

    Required Client UO Genesis Ultima Online: Genesis Client 3.0

    Server Statistics: Ultima Genesis: Call of the Avatar is updated to the latest releases of Ultima Online. The world consists of the Trammel and Felucca facets, as well as others, but game play has been re-imaged to encourage engagement and bring back the rush that exploring new lands and...