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Ultima Genesis: Call of the Avatar is updated to the latest releases of Ultima Online. The world consists of the Trammel and Felucca facets, as well as others, but game play has been re-imaged to encourage engagement and bring back the rush that exploring new lands and figuring out puzzles gave us in Ultima Online. So while you will encounter familiar settings and game play, be prepared for new experiences and as well as lore from the Ultima Series. Many customized features to enjoy and the environment has been painstakingly created to ensure that all player styles can enjoy themselves. We hope to see you in Ultima Genesis: Call of the Avatar!

To access Ultima Genesis: Call of the Avatar you must use this client.

The client will install itself to C:\Program Files\TitanX Games\ and will not interfere with any other Ultima Online clients that you have installed. Administrator rights may be required to install the client.

To Start On Your Adventure:

Once your client has launched and patched, click "Play Ultima Online" - at this time the first UserID and Password you enter will become your UO Genesis game account. We recommend using your forum UserID and Password, as account linking is slated for the end of year.

If you use third party assist programs, always load the game by using the TitanX Games client. Not doing so may corrupt your installation and/or make you out of sync with new or updated content. Ultima Genesis: Call of the Avatar is a dynamic environment where player actions help change the face of the world.

If you need help please do not hesitate to utilize in game support, website chat support or the Ultima Online forums. We strive for expedient support times.

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