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Ultima Mapper

Ultima Mapper 2.0

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Ultima Mapper allows users to share the entire experience, rather than just their whereabouts.

What Operating Systems Are Supported? Windows 7, 8, and 10. It may or may not function as expected on XP.

How Do I Get It To Work With CC? With recent changes, it just works. Why Can't My Friend See Me? Assuming you're connected to an Ultima Mapper server, just do some moving around in-game.

Why Isn't Mapper Tracking Me? Make sure that you've checked "Center on Player" in the View menu. If it still doesn't track you, head through a moongate.

How Do I Remove A Corpse Marker? Right-click the map and select "Clear Corpse Markers".

*This is a third party resource and not created by or supported by TitanX Games. This add on is not required to play Ultima Genesis.
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