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Ultima Online

Four Ultima Online Experiences - One Place To Call Home!

TitanX Games, in partnership with Ultima Shards Multi-Verse and Vita-Nex, provides four unique Ultima Online experiences to meet most any player's preferred era of Ultima Online. Each server meticulously managed and developed to provide a best in class experience for our players through enriched immersive storylines, heart pounding live events, regular content updates and unparalleled support. TitanX provides a one stop location to enjoy this favorite cult classic in either familiar or new ways!

Available Servers

What's your poison? Pick the server which best matches your play style or most cherished moment in Ultima Online's development history. Or shake it up and spend your time experiencing the different environments available. No matter which server you play (even if you play them all) you'll quickly understand why we say "Play Where It Matters." Here are the server options currently available:

  • Genesis - A hybrid server, up to date with the latest release of production Ultima Online but re-imagined to refresh dungeons, quests, transporation and to tie in original and single player Ultima lore.
  • Ulmaria - A completely customized Ultima Online experience. With a new unique map, new and enhanced graphics as well as a re-designed game play experience this version of Ultima Online is for players seeking an entirely new experience to a familiar game.
  • USM ML - Ultima Shards Multi-Verse Mondain's Legacy. Travel back in time with a server properly developed to reflect the Mondain's Legacy expansion phase.
  • USM REN - Ultima Shards Multi-Verse Renaissance. If Renaissance was your favorite Ultima Online era than get ready to go back to an accurate recreation of that time in a fully supported environment with experienced Event Moderators sourced from production Ultima Online.

Get In The Game

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