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TitanX Adds Telephone Support For Donating Members - Effective 10SEP18
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As part of our commitment to provide exceptional support to our community, we have added telephone support for donating members to our already extensive arsenal of options. Telephone supports main function will be to assist contributing members with their donations, game server accounts, in-game virtual items or currency related challenges.

In-game pages (as applicable per game), website chat, support tickets and our support email ( are still available to all members for any challenges or concerns that may arise. Members can also find player on player support through our forums.

The telephone support contact number is currently limited to TitanX Elite subscribers and those who donate to receive Ultima Online Crowns. Callers whose accounts do not match those requirements will be referred back to our other support solutions.

As always, thank you...
Ultima Online Genesis Expands World Development Team
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We are pleased to welcome Adam to our World Development team. Adam comes with several years of experience in server and world development. With his out of the box thinking, interest in creating an immersive and realistic game experience, coupled with fantastic attention to detail we are excited to see what the newest member to our development family will create for our players.

Expect new destinations with highly detailed player events and thrilling story lines to adventure through as we prepare our launch of Ultima Online Genesis.

Welcome to the team, Adam! :emoji_raised_hands::emoji_raised_hands:
Ultima Online Genesis Welcomes Our Newest World Developer
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We are proud to announce the newest member of our World Build team Drifts.

He joins us as part of our World Build and development team as well as assisting with events within Ultima Online. We are so happy to have this multi-talented individual with us. His insight and guidance will help to shape the development of our Ultima Online servers, while ensuring proper player support and growth,

Please join me in welcoming Drifts to our Team TitanX!
Ultima Online Genesis To Be Wiped For Development Growth
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As our development team expands and we move forward with new, exciting, growth for the Ultima Online Genesis shards it has been decided that to ensure balance for the economy and a solid platform for the implementation of new core mechanics that a wipe is necessary.

Since we are poised for another soft-launch there is no indication that the wipe should have any negative impact on player accounts due to a lull in activity. However, for any players who have donated for the purpose of Crowns - you will receive a replenishment of Crowns, plus bonus Crowns after the wipe has taken effect.

The wipe schedule is set for October 19th but this may be pushed to better coincide with our forthcoming player and account management systems and website re-branding.

By taking this action now we are ensuring that all necessary core dynamics are in place to avoid any future need for such action as we partner new technologies to this classic game.

If you have any concerns regarding your Crown...
Welcome EM Corathan
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I wanted to welcome the newest member of our player engagement team: Corathan to TitanX Games. EM Corathan comes with an extensive background in helping to create story rich, immersive and dynamic player content within Ultima Online.

I cannot wait to see what he will bring to players in UO as well as to our other games and future development.

Welcome to the family, Corathan!
TitanX Radio Is Now On Air!
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We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated TitanX Radio is now on air and gearing up to not only serve your favorite music while playing, but to provide the chance to win in-game rewards during our broadcasted special events!

Come join us in Ultima Online to be part of exciting game shows and special events, with audio simulcast, for your chance to win gold and prizes! Receive the latest news with the Weekly Roundup or send a special shout out.

TitanX Radio provides another way to enjoy your games and we hope you'll find it as enjoyable listening as we do providing it.

Be sure to check the Event Calendar for upcoming events starting in mid-September.

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