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Red Dead Redemption 2

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We Wanna Thank You For It
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As we move forward in completing our community development and getting our game servers fully online and available for play - we wanted to take a...
You've Got Credits!
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If you've ever wondered about the credits mentioned in your alerts and in your member profile we're going to tell you about those today!

Ultima Online Genesis Expands World Development Team
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We are pleased to welcome Adam to our World Development team. Adam comes with several years of experience in server and world development. With...
Ultima Online Genesis Welcomes Our Newest World Developer
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We are proud to announce the newest member of our World Build team Drifts.

He joins us as part of our World Build and development...
Welcome EM Corathan
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I wanted to welcome the newest member of our player engagement team: Corathan to TitanX Games. EM Corathan comes with an extensive background in...
TitanX Radio Is Now On Air!
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We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated TitanX Radio is now on air and gearing up to not only serve your favorite music while...