Game servers are undergoing internal changes and may be offline intermittently. We apologize for any inconvenience and will have all games sorted and restored as quickly as possible
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  • For a limited time earn 25 credits for use in our Raffles when you associate your TitanX account to Discord.

    Everyone must associate their Discord account to the site in order to have speaking and voice priviledges within Discord. Please follow the below URL and click "associate Discord."

    If you're interested in playing in our game servers such as Rust, you must also associate your Steam account at the same address.

    This important update allows us to provide more connectivity between our available (and future) games and members. Please note that it may take up to a full twenty-four hours for your Role Sync to occur. If you have already connected your account and are still waiting, please PM Chernabog.

  • Status Update 12JUL19: We are still a bit stagnant but the team is starting to regroup and we are slowly ramping up to get things back on track and moving forward. Fingers crossed, we're gonna make it a solid go this time around.


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The impact that Rust had within our community was worthy of note and has solidified the decision that we move forward with providing Rust and...

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We are a seedy vendor market that carries the trinkets of the lost and the damned, the artifacts of lost and forgotten, and any other items that may be hard to obtain. If you are looking for it, just request it and we will get it!