Progressive Discipline System

Progressive Discipline Warning Points System

TitanX utilizes a points based, progressive discipline system to manage site content and behaviors. When a member violates a rule, a warning may be issued.

For each warning issued the member earns a fixed number of points. At assigned point levels the member will receive an appropriate disciplinary action from reduction in site allowances, temporary ban, up to permanent banning from the site(s) and services offered.

Most warning points expire over a sixth month period dependent upon the severity of the violation.

The best way to ensure your account(s) remain in good standing is to conduct yourself within the guidelines set forth in our Terms of Service agreement and Code of Conduct.

A member who has received one to three warning points will not experience any suspension in services available. However, the following list provides progressive points levels and the resulting action:

  • 4 points automatic 3-day suspension
  • 6 points automatic 7-day suspension
  • 8 points automatic 30-day suspension
  • 10 points automatic permanent ban

Whenever a member has received a permanent ban, TitanX Administration reviews such bans to ensure their validity. Member's may request to have their ban or temporary suspension go through a further review and appeal process by emailing Support@TitanX.Games.

Member's can view their own warning history and current points through their profile. If no tab is visible, then no warnings have been issued.