How Crowns Work In Ultima Genesis

If you're a player of Ultima Online or other servers with "virtual" currencies you may not be use to the way Ultima Genesis manages our Crowns.

Crowns are a physical currency within the world of Ultima Genesis and, while blessed, they are not account bonded. Therefore, you are able to freely utilize Crowns as an in-game currency for the purpose of trade, gifts, etc.

Crowns allow you to purchase rare or otherwise unavailable items from within the Ultima Genesis game store. You can access the store, from within the Ultima Online client, by selecting "Ultima Store" from your menu bar or by typing the command [Store - Inventory changes often, so be sure to keep an eye on available items!

The enabling of Crowns as a physical currency allows for more engagement between players and more ways to provide value added gaming. It is our hope that they will become an enjoyable and rewarding part of game play while providing essential assistance to our development and growth goals.

If you ever have any questions relating to Crowns or the Ultima Genesis in-game store please contact Chernabog directly.