TitanX Games would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for the contributions, support and tireless efforts. Without the hard work, collaboration, belief and remarkable talents who have placed their hands upon this project nothing we accomplish or have accomplished would have been possible.

Therefore, in no particular order, our most heartfelt thank you to the following:

  • Ahntara Miller
  • For her tireless efforts to build a better world for gamers, wonderful designs and incredible vision.

  • Riverman
  • For his perseverance, incredible work ethic and best in class creation of interactive, engaging content.

  • Titanium-X
  • For his ability to bring entertainment, lift moral and exceptional visual development skills. A jack of many trades.

  • Lord Enigma
  • For bringing years of software engineering and skills contained therein to innovative new ways to deliver and manage content.

  • Vorspire
  • For his kindness, compassion, out of box thinking and ability to weave improbable visions into reality.

  • Nate Hammond/Netvillage
  • For over thirty years the forward thinking minds at Netvillage have been creating communities. Through their partnership we are able to bring new, engaging and amazing gaming content to a new generation.

  • Focus Group Members
  • Since 2015 our Focus Group members have been providing invaluable insight into the pulse of what the gaming community wants. This invaluable contribution has helped to shape the development road map for everything we do and allows an intimate understanding of how best to meet the needs of our community.

  • Veldian
  • For their trust, assistance and collaboration in helping TitanX Games to provide a larger array of gaming options within the MMORPG genre.

  • John Pritchett, EIS Online
  • Since the late 1980s EIS Online has been entertaining online gamers as one of the first multi-player strategy games and the legacy continues today with the addictive space trading games TradeWars. Thank you John for years of friendship and addictive gaming.

  • Nulumia
  • For wonderful XenForo theme development, exceptional customer service and legendary support.

  • Punkte & USM
  • For bringing their incredible ideas, development and passion for gaming to a merger with TitanX Games under a mutual goal to further create amazing gaming experiences.

    Thank you all, again, for your continued belief and efforts - to those currently with the project and for those who have moved onto other projects -- You are truly appreciated.

    This list is an ongoing work in progress.