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Ultima Online

Ultima Online Server News

Welcome to TitanX!

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Come Play Ultima Online - The Mother Of All MMORPGs!
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Enjoy a world where your actions, along with those of other players, helps to shape it's destiny. Will it thrive and grow under a benevolent ruler or will it be torn apart amidst civil unrest? In Genesis: Call of the Avatar, TitanX Game's incarnation of the iconic classic you begin your adventure with a return to the original Ultima series lore. Awakened once more as the Avatar, you set out on the mission to find and rescue - hopefully alive - your old friend and rightful ruler of Britannia... Lord British.

To do so however will take cunning, bravery and strategy. Work with or against other players from around the world, as you build alliances and wage war! What legacy will you leave...?

Ultima Online Server Information:

The Genesis server is a multi-genre environment able to be enjoyed by the casual solo player, those who love detailed RPG with rich lore and story progression, the L33T PVPer and any style in between.

Set in an era which holds true to the core ideas...
Ultima Online Genesis Expands World Development Team
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We are pleased to welcome Adam to our World Development team. Adam comes with several years of experience in server and world development. With his out of the box thinking, interest in creating an immersive and realistic game experience, coupled with fantastic attention to detail we are excited to see what the newest member to our development family will create for our players.

Expect new destinations with highly detailed player events and thrilling story lines to adventure through as we prepare our launch of Ultima Online Genesis.

Welcome to the team, Adam! :emoji_raised_hands::emoji_raised_hands:

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