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    If you're interested in playing in our game servers such as Rust, you must also associate your Steam account using the same link.

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Viewing Donation Drive: TitanX Community Fund

TitanX Games operates solely on the generous donations our community members make available each and every month. Without the support of our members, we would not be able to provide these services or further our development.

The following services are paid with your donations:

Ultima Shards Multi-Verse Mondain's Legacy, Renaissance and the forth-coming Desolation servers.
Ultima Genesis Hybrid and Ulmaria servers.
TitanX Retro BBS styled multi-player text and ANSI games.

This also includes website hosting, Discord bots, custom development, software licenses and more to allow us to continue to build a gaming community directly impacted by our member's.

Currently our total monthly costs are: $296.71 for the services we provide.

The community fund goes directly towards these costs. When we exceed our goal, it provides a buffer for months when incoming support is limited and does not meet expenses.

Additional Notes:

  • Donations for use to cover community operation costs.
  • Donations are completed entirely at the users discretion.
  • Donations are voluntary and not refundable..
  • We do not require donations to play on any of our servers, or utilize any of our services.
  • Our current monthly donation goal is: $400.00
  • Why is it higher than our monthly costs listed above? Simply to cover the months where donations do not meet the minimum to keep our services alive.
  • TitanX Games also pays yearly licensing costs for XenForo & associated add-ons.
  • Game server specific donations go first to that server's monthly hosting and then to the community fund.
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