Hey everyone and thank you for tuning into this guide and how we will be building "The Mage". This is pretty generic, to be honest, and upfront usually magery is coupled with a few others kills to make it unique. Today we will be looking at it on a purely hunting solo aspect and how to raise the skill sets.

Skill Set:
Magery 100.00
Meditation 100.00
Eval Intelligence 100.00
Inscription 100.00
Healing 100.00
Wrestling 100.00
Anatomy 100.00

**This is just one build for "The Mage". There...
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Hey and thank you for checking out the about me!

My name is Hex and I run the ELUCorp Stream Team / Studio. We are a content creation group that streams games, blogs, and does podcasts.

We play all the MMO's that suit our fancy but are very picky about the ones we stick with. Well, for the most part, we are here playtesting this server. We have more to come, and well...You have a front row seat on our whole content creation!

- Hex -


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