Hey everyone for those that are needing a leg up on the skill gain process this guide will help you with Parry, Healing, and some Stat Gains. First off, you are going to need a few things...

Shields (any will do): Bucklers x 10
Bandages x 1000-2000

Location: Any place with a farm (sheep work great for lower level skill gains)

So what you are going to do is get into war mode and equip the buckler you have in your backpack. Go ahead and get into war mode and attack two animals...
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Hey and thank you for checking out the about me!

My name is Hex and I run the ELUCorp Stream Team / Studio. We are a content creation group that streams games, blogs, and does podcasts.

We play all the MMO's that suit our fancy but are very picky about the ones we stick with. Well, for the most part, we are here playtesting this server. We have more to come, and well...You have a front row seat on our whole content creation!

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