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TitanX Games team programs are at the heart of our commitment to providing best in class support to our player community.

As a member of the Development Team you are the hands which shape the world providing new and unique experiences for our players, while ensuring harmony and balance among existing components.

You must be able to work independently to accomplish development goals as directed by the Lead Developer and Administration with minimal guidance.

This position requires a strong knowledge of the C# programming language. Additional understanding of the following languages is preferred: Rest API, JSON, .Net, Http/HTML5, PHP, Boo. Btrieve knowledge is useful, but not required.

TitanX utilizes applications such as Unity, XenForo as well as proprietary systems.

This position requires an intense interest in online gaming, the ability to solve complex challenges and think outside the box.

* TitanX Games team members may not ever release nor reveal their personal player character information to others. Doing so may result in immediate termination of both team account(s) and player account(s).

Top level Responsibilities:

  • Attend Development Team meetings to understand pipeline goals
  • Work with Lead Developer and Administration to meet development goals
  • Be available at least twenty hours per month
  • Be able to work from requirements with minimal oversight or guidance unless needed
  • Provide daily updates to development goals assigned to you
  • Attend in-game Developer Meet & Greets
  • Do not interfere with game play or the player experience
  • Review the Support System and Forums for any tickets or topics that may need to be addressed or have been assigned to you
  • Have a strong knowledge of the C# programming language and the desire to expand knowledge to other platforms
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