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Game Master

TitanX Games staff programs are at the heart of our commitment to providing best in class support to our player community.

As a Game Master you are the resource for investigating, resolving or engaging, when required, World Build and Development staff to assist with in-game player challenges that are unable to be resolved by the Counselor team.

TitanX Game Masters work behind the scenes, rarely visible to players, helping to ensure our game worlds run smoothly. Game Master's efforts should promote player satisfaction and confidence in our games by displaying the highest levels of integrity, diplomacy and service.

If you are a passionate gamer who enjoys problem solving, working as part of a dynamic team and is interested in understanding how systems function to provide our players content than we'd love to hear from you.

* TitanX Games staff may not ever release nor reveal their personal player character information to others. Doing so may result in immediate termination of both team account(s) and player account(s).

Top level Responsibilities:

  • Have a basic knowledge of or be willing to learn core technology operations
  • Be available at least 20 hours per month
  • Interact with our team members to assist with player challenge escalations
  • Review game mechanics to ensure proper operation and balance as required
  • Assist with Self Help Portal as available
  • Assist with Developer Meet and Greets
  • Engage other Team Members within our Team Forums
  • Work as part of a fast paced, constantly changing, environment
  • Randomly monitor for AFK resource macroing
  • Be available and in the assigned chat whenever in game as staff
  • Review the Support System and Forums for any tickets or topics that may need to be addressed or have been assigned to you
  • Not interfere with game play or the in game experience
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