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TitanX Games team member programs are at the heart of our commitment to providing best in class support to our player community.

As a member of the Event Moderator Team you help to shape the world and create exciting adventures while progressing the overall Story Arc and player created role playing secondary story progression.

This position requires passion, intensity, a deep love for gaming lore and 'being in character' while being able to create, adapt to and further not only the existing story line but also be on the pulse of the RP communities on going self created stories.

If you are a passionate gamer who enjoys helping to create an enjoyable player experience and has unquestionable integrity, coupled with out of the box imagination and vision, than we would love to review your application to become part of the Event Moderator Team!
* TitanX Games staff may not ever release nor reveal their personal player character information to others. Doing so may result in immediate termination of both team account(s) and player account(s).

Top level Responsibilities:

  • Create and progress story lines inline with Productions guidelines
  • Be available at least eight hours per month
  • Engage other Team Members and be active in Team Forums and chat
  • Host a provided Blog and/or Group for your EM activities within the website
  • Engage the RP community with monthly Governor's Meetings in character
  • Host live, in character, events which insure balanced rewards
  • Assist with in game player events and Weddings
  • Be active and available in Event Moderator chat whenever online as your EM
  • Keep players engaged and interested by creating dynamic events and experiences
  • Assist the World Build and Development teams as necessary or available
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