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Welcome to the TitanX Games Community!

Here you and your fellow gamers will find a multi-genre of free to play games and game servers, along with a dedicated staff of event coordinators, development and support teams. Our Goal is to provide every player world class gaming and support. So browse through our current catalogue below, or visit our games portal page to start playing today! If you ever need assistance, please utilize our live webchat, discord server, support ticketing or send an email to support@titanx.games - Enjoy your adventures with us, as more games titles are regularly added.

Come Play Ultima Online - The Mother Of All MMORPGs!
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Enjoy a world where your actions, along with those of other players, helps to shape it's destiny. Will it thrive and grow under a benevolent ruler or will it be torn apart amidst civil unrest? In Genesis: Call of the Avatar, TitanX Game's incarnation of the iconic classic you begin your...
Ultima Online Genesis Expands World Development Team
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We are pleased to welcome Adam to our World Development team. Adam comes with several years of experience in server and world development. With his out of the box thinking, interest in creating an immersive and realistic game experience, coupled with fantastic attention to detail we are...
Ultima Online Genesis Welcomes Our Newest World Developer
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We are proud to announce the newest member of our World Build team Drifts.

He joins us as part of our World Build and development team as well as assisting with events within Ultima Online. We are so happy to have this multi-talented individual with us. His insight and guidance...
Ultima Online Genesis To Be Wiped For Development Growth
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As our development team expands and we move forward with new, exciting, growth for the Ultima Online Genesis shards it has been decided that to ensure balance for the economy and a solid platform for the implementation of new core mechanics that a wipe is necessary.

Since we are poised for...
Welcome EM Corathan
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I wanted to welcome the newest member of our player engagement team: Corathan to TitanX Games. EM Corathan comes with an extensive background in helping to create story rich, immersive and dynamic player content within Ultima Online.

I cannot wait to see what he will bring to players in UO as...
TitanX Radio Is Now On Air!
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We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated TitanX Radio is now on air and gearing up to not only serve your favorite music while playing, but to provide the chance to win in-game rewards during our broadcasted special events!

Come join us in...

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We are a seedy vendor market that carries the trinkets of the lost and the damned, the artifacts of lost and forgotten, and any other items that may be hard to obtain. If you are looking for it, just request it and we will get it!
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