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  • For a limited time earn 25 credits for use in our Raffles when you associate your TitanX account to Discord.

    Everyone must associate their Discord account to the site in order to have speaking and voice priviledges within Discord. Please follow the below URL and click "associate Discord."

    If you're interested in playing in our game servers such as Rust, you must also associate your Steam account at the same address.

    This important update allows us to provide more connectivity between our available (and future) games and members. Please note that it may take up to a full twenty-four hours for your Role Sync to occur. If you have already connected your account and are still waiting, please PM Chernabog.

  • 19APR19: I apologize for the lack of forward motion. Due to 'real life' I will not be fully available to push any projects forward until the end of May. I look forward to what the summer brings!

Can't talk in Discord? Here's the fix...

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Yes, I have been posting this everywhere to hopefully get the message out that talking (SMS or vocie) requires that you are a member...

Where we are heading with servers such as Rust, ARK and more...

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The impact that Rust had within our community was worthy of note and has solidified the decision that we move forward with providing Rust and...

Server Rules, Ban Appeals & Reporting

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Our goal is to ensure that each of our members has an enjoyable experience. This means one that is free from harassment, biased, prejudice or...

Discord Chat Action Commands

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To help make chat a little more fun, we've added chat actions to Discord. Chat actions allow you to engage other chatters with a little more...

TitanX Platform Upgrades

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TitanX Games has undergone a major upgrade in our core web platform software that brings with it a lot of new features and services that make the...

Mailchimp to be deprecated in exchange for localized mailing list services

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Not earth shattering news, likely, but I did want to let everyone know that we will be moving away from the mailchimp platform in exchange for our...

You've Got Credits!

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If you've ever wondered about the credits mentioned in your alerts and in your member profile we're going to tell you about those today!


Ultima Online Genesis Expands World Development Team

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We are pleased to welcome Adam to our World Development team. Adam comes with several years of experience in server and world development. With...

Ultima Online Genesis Welcomes Our Newest World Developer

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We are proud to announce the newest member of our World Build team Drifts.

He joins us as part of our World Build and development...

Welcome EM Corathan

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I wanted to welcome the newest member of our player engagement team: Corathan to TitanX Games. EM Corathan comes with an extensive background in...

TitanX Radio Is Now On Air!

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We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated TitanX Radio is now on air and gearing up to not only serve your favorite music while...

Come Play Ultima Online - The Mother Of All MMORPGs!

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Enjoy a world where your actions, along with those of other players, helps to shape it's destiny. Will it thrive and grow under a benevolent...

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